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Want to create a crypto fund?

Atomic Fund provides all the technology stack and toolkit behind its own platform as a whitelabel solution for third parties that want to setup fully compliant blockchain funds. Atomic Fund's platform is a highly customizable fund logic layer to your own compliance and business model.

Our services:

  • Calculation of share
  • Asset pricing
  • Monitoring of the portfolio environment within the limits laid down in the prospectus
  • Monitoring, together with the managers, the liquidity of the funds
  • Controlling the investment portfolio
  • Accounting
  • Liability Control
  • Personnal Investor wallets
  • Atomic Account Ledger
  • Calculation and withholding of quota holders' taxes
  • Representation of funds in the contracting of service providers, such as manager, auditor, custodian
  • Controls for preventing and combating money laundering

Proof of existence smart contract:

The NAV of the fund is calculated by collecting all your balance from exchanges or cold storage wallet solutions. Once this information is collected the NAV is calculated in your chosen and published in the Ethereum blockchain by a smart contract solution. The transfer agency and share investor share calculations are all automatic.

Atomic Ledger System

Hot wallet management

- Manage liquidity of cryptocurrency assets used for live transactions

Address creation

- Dynamically create cryptocurrency addresses linked to user accounts

Address monitoring

- Monitor blockchains for incoming transactions to credit users' balances


- Create, sign, and broadcast transactions to the blockchain network on the user's behalf

Multi signature

- Setup and use multi-sig hardware wallets for releasing cold storage funds

Cold storage

- Store cryptocurrency assets in bulk, securely offline

Fee management

- Manage hot wallet float for blockchain fees

Exchange integrations

- Instantly buy and sell crypto assets on supported exchanges by simply adding your exchange API keys

Interface and user experience of your fund:

The user experience and customer facing product is developed by Particle Software.We provide a unique user experience for your digital crypto fund in both Web and Mobile interfaces. We also help with the whole publishing process in the Apple and Google store.

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