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The world banking system is an obsolete model designed to maintain and intensify inequality. We make investing simple and available to everyone, while mitigating the risk that the process involves.

An innovative product that is compatible with the global nature of today's demand.

Digital Financial Structure To Democratize Crypto Investments

Our platform is built to give transparency and comfort to different investors profile


Enter the platform

Anyone who has bitcoin is able to invest directly into the Atomic Platform. Proof of deposit is available on the blockchain and can be verified on


Follow your investments

After depositing bitcoin on the platform, we generate a private wallet and investors are able to follow their returns in real time using their dashboard.


Multi strategy

To provide the best returns in Bitcoin and to manage risk, we rely on different products with multiple strategies such as arbitrage, asset portfolio and technical analisys.


Withdraw safely

Our structure and policies were created to attend your needs. When a withdrawal is requested it is processed by hand at the next available daily NAV.

Digital Asset Issuers

We believe the key to success on a market is trust. We accomplish this by building order books that are consistent, have a healthy amount of liquidity and present a fair spread.

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Integrated Exchanges

With our risk-neutral and service-first philosophy, we aim at giving you the ease of deploying the right turn-key solution for your liquidity needs, supporting any given market at any time. 60+ Integrated Exchanges with more then 20.5M trading volume a day.


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