Crypto Index Fund

Passive Fund invests in the most promissing
crypto-currencies in the world.

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Portfolio balance by backtesting

We created a well balanced portfolio based on a proprietary risk framework. We invest in great projects and profit from while they succeed.

The top 10 marketcap plus other 55 assets in the Atomic Fund portfolio represent the protocol and applications that provide the foundation to support this new market.

Atomic Index Fund is designed to endure

We carefully design the private index fund to preserve the passive nature of the portfolio.


Atomic Risk Index

We use a proprietary framework to value crypto assets. Assets we have selected have historically outperformed the market.


Real time information capture

Atomic uses open source tools to capture information from the market in real-time. We understand the market and where to get the best insights to take actions quickly and precisely.


Power of automation

To compete in a fast paced enviroment we are developping the tools to be able execute and manage risk.


Long term vision

Atomic Index Fund is for investors looking for a long term investment cycle.

Portfolio selection

Outperform Bitcoin

We select a portfolio that we believe will outperform bitcoin price in US Dollars. Atomic aims to capture the alpha available in crypto markets. The passive nature of the portfolio allows us to quickly scale positions in certain assets while providing a state of the art infrastructure to secure those assets.

*Atomic Private Index Fund NAV based on hypothetical backtest of a $10M portfolio.
The outcomes introduced on this slide are for illustration purposes only, are unaudited and don't reflect an actual investment. Such outcomes are not demonstrative of future execution of the methodology. Net returns deduct administration expenses, execution designation, and cost of use. The program used by the Fund does not reflect the unpredictability of the market and results might be substantially different to results shown

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Who are we?

Traders is who we are. When the markets are heated, we are primed to be competitive and collaborative, focusing only on executing the best strategies and trades.

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Atomic is an actively
managed fund.

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