Atomic Data Services

Informin global cryptocurrency markets

Powering market intelligence

Taylor a comprehensive set of market insights and information to address your needs with pricing and analytics. Indexes and exchanges data in a secure and flexible connection. Our data solutions cover a broad range of assets, delivered securely to help you with your investing, trading, compliance and risk management requirements.

Type of information

REST, Websocket, XML

Export information CSV, TXT, XLS or integrate through API

Multiple sources

Major exchanges and blockchain source explorer

Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, Gemini, Bitmex, Hitbtc, Gdax and many others.

Analyze global markets

  • Combine insights from around the world with proprietary data sourced directly from our securities and futures exchanges and our global bond markets.
  • Pricing & Analytics: Enhance your intraday, real-time decision making
  • Indices: Enhance your benchmarking and performance measurement process
  • Reference Data: Manage risk, help meet compliance requirements and maximize operational efficiency
  • Exchange Data: Leverage scalable, flexible access to unique data from crypto currency major exchanges
  • Regulatory: Help achieve regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiencies
  • Data Delivery: Effectively integrate connectivity and desktops solutions for efficient access to market data

Data visualization with immersive experience in Virtual Reality

Atomic Fund has partnered with 3Data to provide a unique way to look at crypto market data.

Users are able to easily understand how the blockchain public ledger works and spot patterns in data sets they have no familiarity with by using virtual reality.

Check out this article on Venture Beat article to learn more about our product and data visualisation packages.

Live Quotes and Customized Requests for Quotes

Use a transparent view of real-time market activity and price quotes tailored to your specific risk management needs to help you make informed trading decisions

Real-Time Market Alert

Track market moves and quickly identify trading triggers with customizable alerts you set to match your strategy

Charting Tools

Analyze price and volume trends using a wide range of technical indicators, chart styles and sophisticated drawing tools.

Smart Order Entry

React to market opportunity quickly with the ability to set orders that execute when market criteria you set are met.

Gaining a clear view of risk

From validating best execution to valuing securities, our intelligent analytics tools provide market participants with the insights to better understand risk and operate more effectively.

Real-time Market Data »

Traders, risk managers, brokers and redistributors rely on our set of real-time data solutions, to inform business objectives, meet regulatory obligations, and develop trading strategies.

Historical Data »

We provide historical information including end-of-day reports, volume and open interest records, settlement and delivery information, and more to help you evaluate historical trading activity and prepare for the next trading day.

Consolidated Feed »

Consolidated Feed aggregates 13+ global sources into a single feed to provide a broad view of price levels and liquidity.

Quote & Data Distribution »

We license a wide range of data to quote vendors and data redistributors in the form of customizable packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of your target audience.

Proprietary data »

A View Only subscription enables you to review and analyze real-time trading and full depth of market activity. You can also customize the profile with your own choice of markets and products.

Real-Time & Historical Data »

Real-time and historical data sets offered through Major Crypto Exchange cover all their listed tokens and coins markets.

Consolidate feed

Offers cost-effective, low latency access to aggregated global markets. Content is available via feeds, high performance APIs or feed handlers for integration with third party middleware. Full Order Book Data From 13+ Trading Venues. Full Level 1 & Level 2 Crypto Currency Data From 25+ Venues

Tick History

Make more informed decisions and comply with regulations using raw and normalized historical data in a range of flexible formats.

Normalized Tick History »

Covering 13+ global sources, our deep tick historical data goes back to 2011 for Bitcoin on other crypto currency markets.

Raw Tick History »

Daily packet captures of raw market data from Bitcoin and crypto currency major exchanges with nanosecond resolution timestamps

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