Execution Services

We use algorithmic strategies, routing protocol integrations and best in class execution to help you improve performance, reduce transaction fees and manage risk.


We implement innovative strategies that seek risk mitigation and peformance in multiple venues. Robust systems focus on scalability of algorithm services and speed of trades.


We have access to deep liquidity pools and can execute large trades with low information and data leakage.

Smart Order Routing

We monitor price in multiple venues and analyze order impact to route to venue with large opportunities. Our risk engine combined with our advanced monitoring allow us to identify the most effective trades.

Who can invest in the Passive Fund?

Atomic Passive Fund is created for anyone that wants to diversify Bitcoin into a multiple portfolio aiming to outperform Bitcoin.

What is the minimum and maximum investment?

The minimum investment is $10.000,00.

What is the performance fee?

We charge 20% performance fee.

What is the management fee?

Yes, there is a 2% management fee.

What is the structure of the fund?

Atomic fund is a digital crypto fund. Your subscripton and redemption is registered in the blockchain.

When is performance updated?

Performance is updated weekly.

How often do we calculate our NAV?

Our Net Asset Value is calculated weekly.

How do I follow my performance?

After investing in Atomic Fund you will have access to a personal secured financial dashboard, in which you can track your performance weekly.

How are my funds stored and secured?

Your funds navigate through all of our systems, which meet strict security criteria. Your money is stored in cryptographic cold storage wallets to guarantee your security.

When can I withdraw the funds?

Withdrawls values are processed at the next available NAV. Withdrawals are processed weekly after NAV calculation.

How can I withdraw the funds?

Your funds can be withdrawn into any private wallet of your choosing. Your funds will be sent to you in Bitcoin (BTC).


Your privacy is our priority. We need to do KYC/AML proceedures that only system are able to see your data.

Same-day Settlement

An easy-to-use interface to handle expedited settlement. Peace of mind using a trusted common party.

Expertise & Insight

Millions of transactions volume since 2017. Following the transaction with a end-to-end perspective.

Deep liquidity

A robust network of trading partners around the globe. Working with the best execution practices.


Our proceedurers are done by the law of the countries we receive requests. Some countries do not allow trading cryptocurrencies, make sure that your country allow your trading.

We are liquidity providers

We design our strategies using publicly available information, as well as simple, non-controversial, and transparent order types.

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