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Frequently asked questions

What is the entry, exit and performance fees?

0%. We don't charge any entry, exit or performance fees.

What is our management fee?

We charge 1.3 basis points per day of management fee.

How often do we calculate our NAV?

Our NAV is calculated daily, your shares are issued and redeemed after each NAV publication.

How can I invest in the fund?

Atomic Fund is suitable for a sophisticated investors deemed to have sufficient investing experience and knowledge to weigh the risks and merits of an investment opportunity.

How can I acquire Bitcoins?

In order to acquire Bitcoins or any other crypto currency you must buy these digital assets in exchanges. There are many trusted exchanges in the market. When choosing an exchange it is important to understand how their prices for assets are set, at what prices you can buy the assets and what their “know-your-client” (KYC) and “anti money laundering” (AML) processes.

Do I need Bitcoins to invest in Atomic Fund?

Yes. If you do not have any, we can help you buy Bitcoin.

How do I follow my performance?

After investing in Atomic Fund, you will have access to a personal secured automated financial dashboard tracking the P&L of your portfolio daily. Our team will help you with an onboarding tutorial so you can familiarize yourself with our platform.

When is my portfolio's performance updated?

Your portfolio's performance is calculated daily after each NAV publication. After each NAV publication, a new share price will be calculated, and your performance will be equal the amount of shares you own times how much the share price went up or down.

How is the performance fee charged?

We currently do not charge any performance fees.

Is there an annual fee?

No management fee is charged at the moment.

What is the minimum and maximum investment?

The minimum investment is 0.1 BTC.

How are my funds stored and secured?

Your funds navigate through all of our systems, which meet strict security criteria. Your money is stored in cryptographic cold storage wallets to guarantee your security.

What is the structure of the fund?

The fund is a fully digital fund and users are able to audit in the blockchain.