Liquidity Sourcing

Our clients rely on our technology and deep network to provide them with quality liquidity.

Risk Management

We use proprietary tools to evaluate transaction risks and employ enterprise grade security protocols to mitigate counterparty risks. Our team has multiple years of expertise in crypto markets around the world.

Liquidity Pools

Consolidated Feed aggregates 13+ global sources into a single feed to provide a broad view of price levels and liquidity. We have infrastructure to access the best quality liquidity networks around the world.

Customized tools

Atomic Fund provides customized transaction data to monitor company wide treasury operations. We also develop and parametrize the trading algorithms according to clients' needs.


Your privacy is our priority. We need to do KYC/AML proceedures that only system are able to see your data.

Same-day Settlement

An easy-to-use interface to handle expedited settlement. Peace of mind using a trusted common party.

Expertise & Insight

Millions of transactions volume since 2017. Following the transaction with a end-to-end perspective.

Deep liquidity

A robust network of trading partners around the globe. Working with the best execution practices.


Our proceedurers are done by the law of the countries we receive requests. Some countries do not allow trading cryptocurrencies, make sure that your country allow your trading.

Digital Asset Issuers

We believe the key to success on a market is trust. We accomplish this by building order books that are consistent, have a healthy amount of liquidity and present a fair spread.

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