OTC Trades

We offer customized access to crypto markets. Block size liquidity for individuals or institutions looking to buy or sell digital currency.

Transact with security and compliance globally

Our systems comply to regulatory requirements and employ best in class technology
to ensure the best execution.


What we trade

We only provide trades with the top 5 marketcap crypto currencies.


How we trade

We monitor the entire process from offer to settlement using major banks and exchanges around the globe.


Transaction limits

We enforce a minimum transaction size. Clients are subjected to KYC/AML requirements.

What does our service provide?

We offer consulting for how to enter the crypto market and buy Bitcoin.

How can I acquire Bitcoins?

In order to acquire Bitcoins or any other crypto currency you must buy these digital assets in exchanges. There are many trusted exchanges in the market. When choosing an exchange it is important to understand how their prices for assets are set, at what prices you can buy the assets and what their “know-your-client” (KYC) and “anti money laundering” (AML) processes.

Strategy to enter the market

We create a strategy to start investing in crypto in a sustainable and data driven approach.

What to do after?

After having acquired Bitcoin, investors face many choices on how to store their assets. Atomic fund helps investors decide how to invest their funds.

Digital Asset Issuers

We believe the key to success on a market is trust. We accomplish this by building order books that are consistent, have a healthy amount of liquidity and present a fair spread.

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