Our History

How everythin started 4 years ago

About Us

Over 4 years ago, Atomic Fund had the vision to create a simple experience for the sophisticated crypto investor. As we became our biggest stakeholder we focus on our proprietary strategy using our own capital, at our own risk.

Today, we are a liquidity providers, focused on quantitative trading thourgh which we are able to help improve the market. We provide liquidity to crypto markets trading a wide range of tokens and top marketcap cryptocurrencies. 

Our developers are motivated by challenging technical problems in the crypto trading industry and endless opportunities for innovation.

Atomic traders have a competitive drive and are motivated to succeed in the fast and challenging world of trading.

We are competitive, ambitious and unpredictable. We leverage our technology while implementing a variety of trading strategies and ideas to make an impact in the market.

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Our Culture

Crypto traders is who we are. The landscape has changed rapidly over the last year and we have had changed with the times. We offer a wide variety of products for different types of investors. When the markets are heated, our traders are primed to be competitive and collaborative, focusing on executing the best trades.

We are creative thinkers who look for opportunities everywhere. We translate ideas into quantitative models and strategies using full stack programming skills, advanced mathematics and statistical analysis.

We are a 7 days a week 7am to 11pm type of team. Our office culture thrives on hacking different aspects of life. We praise a DIY mentality and self taught motivation with a strong emphasis on collaboration and team growth.

We compete to be the best as a team. We have a fun work environment to encourage collaboration in a relaxed setting. When we are not trading, our focus shifts to checking positions, listening to music and improving trading strategies and systems. In addition to having outstanding quantitative skills, we have a deep understanding of market trends. These skills allow us to continuously strive to offer the fairest and best tradable opportunities in all market conditions.

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