Secure & Safe

We take careful measures to ensure
that your bitcoin is as safe as possible.



Our systems follow strict protocols to ensure a secure environment. We work closely with our partners to innovate our security constantly.


Account protection

We offer multi-layer security to our users and provide high availability and resiliency.


Data security

All our systems are encrypted. Applications are hosted in secure locations. Site traffic is protected with SSL encryption.


Risk Protocol & Preparedness

Our risk protocol has been designed to follow industry best practices.


Encrypted Security

Go beyond passwords and protect yourself from hackers and account takeovers.

Authenticate your 2FA

Easily capture 2FA QR codes. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the best way to protect yourself online.

Manage Funds

Simple to setup, secure cloud backup, multi device support. Risk-based and prioritized security our platform.

2FA Authentications

All fund transactions as well as logins must be confirmed via 2FA for your own protection and privacy.

Action rate limit

We rate limit certain actions on the site so that malicious attempts at withdrawing funds from many different users will not happen.

Withdrawal Policy

For safety reasons each account is limited to one withdrawal per day. Withdrawals are processed and checked by hand.


We whitelist software and attributes from specific sources to prevent flaw exploitation.


We use SSL encryption all over our website (https:). Connections between visitors and origin server(s), prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, packet sniffing, the display of web browser trust warnings, and more.


We use Cloudflare to protect Atomic Fund website from malicious traffic targeting network and application layers, to maintain availability and performance, while containing operating costs.

Server Side Protection

Our systems are hosted in servers at Amazon AWS and protected using SHA256 and redundancies.

Data Privacy

Atomic Fund abides by strict data privacy policies. Your data is safe with us. We never share your personal data.