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The blockchain ledger is changing the world we live in by enabling frictionless transactions with trust and transparency through verifiable computation.

Our mission is to financially empower people by leveraging this technology.

We are a tech company operating in a
digital financial environment

Technology is behind every aspect of our business


Fund as a service approach

Technology depth to improve the market and develop new sophisticated trading tools for financial companies.


Secure and reliable integration

Our security. protocols help keep companies online assets safe from start to finish with privacy and discretion.


Monitor the market

We are pluged 24/7 into the market that enable us to provide the best insight for business owners in the crypto space.

What type of services we provide?


Fund Services

All the tools you need to run a
crypto fund

We help you monitor the portfolio environment within the limits laid down in the prospectus, together with the managers, the liquidity of the funds, accounting, personnal investor wallets. Start your crypto fund now.


Liquidity Services

Increase trading volumes and favorable marketing

Assets with large trading volumes and deeper order books are more attractive to investors as illiquidity risks become easier to mitigate and liquidity premiums are lower. Learn more liquidity services.


Managed Account


API with no withdrawl capacity is linked to a funded account in client's name within exchange. We provide one-o-one relationships with our client's. We do not publish execution information.


OTC Broker

Multiple models and backtesting platform

Our OTC Desk is connected with biggest Over The Counter providers, institutional liquidity, brokerage, prime broker, Instant execution, flexible trade sizes. We are ready to help you with broker services related to digital currencies.


Trading Tools

Execution layer to trade in many exchanges

Smart Order Router, unified trading interface across exchanges such as PMS (real-time P&L, position P&L, integrated systems), risk management (real time, position risk, take-profit, stop-loss, real time valuation.


Data Services

The security of your data is the most important thing to us!

Indexes, real-time order-books from multiple exchanges and multiple digital currencies pairs stored in our database. This type of data is suitable for companies interested in analysing carefully the market. See how we collect data from the market.

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About us

Who are we?

Traders is who we are. When the markets are heated, we are primed to be competitive and collaborative, focusing only on executing the best strategies and trades.

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