Liquidity Services for a
Fair and Prosperous Market

Our liquidity services are designed to optimize your exchange's trading environment, attracting more traders and improving overall market depth.

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Key features of our liquidity services include

Revolutionize Your Trading Experience: Discover the Future of Crypto Market Making with Atomic Fund

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Market Making Provider

Our premium market making solutions ensure competitive spreads, minimal slippage, and continuous liquidity provision for your trading needs. By partnering with us, you can enhance your market efficiency and achieve superior trading outcomes.

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Competitive Spreads
Continuous Liquidity Provision
Low Risk
Advanced Risk Management
Liquidity Aggregation

Our platform excels in comprehensive liquidity aggregation, seamlessly combining liquidity from multiple sources to ensure optimal trading conditions. This approach enhances your trading experience by providing better price discovery and minimizing slippage.

Comprehensive Exchange Tokens Overview

Our platform offer the entire array of exchange tokens, providing detailed information and analysis for each. This enables you to make well-informed decisions and strategically manage your trading portfolio.

We are connected with major crypto exchanges, providing seamless integration and unmatched market access.
Our extensive network ensures optimal liquidity and trading efficiency for your assets.
Gain Complete Control of Your
Trading Flow

At Atomic Fund, we provide comprehensive control over your entire trading flow, offering granular data that allows for precise analysis and decision-making. Our insightful metrics are specifically designed to enhance your strategy, giving you the tools to optimize performance and achieve your trading goals.

Experience Granular Data and Insightful Metrics Designed to Enhance Your Strategy
At Atomic Fund, we offer granular data that provides an in-depth view of your trading activities, ensuring you have the information needed for precise decision-making. Our insightful metrics are tailored to enhance your strategy, helping you optimize performance and achieve your trading goals.
9 years
Extensive Data History

We leverage nine years of accumulated data, providing a rich historical context to inform and enhance your trading strategies.

45K% return
Enhanced Decision-Making

With access to comprehensive data and insightful metrics, you can make well-informed decisions that drive better trading outcomes.

+500 projects
Strategic Performance Enhancement

Our tools and metrics are crafted to not only support but also elevate your trading strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and success in the market.

+3.9B TV
Comprehensive Analysis

With a trading volume of $3.9 billion, our data history allows for a thorough analysis of market trends and patterns, giving you a significant advantage in making informed trading decisions.


Your Ultimate Destination
for Liquidity Depth

At Atomic Fund, we provide unparalleled liquidity depth, ensuring you have access to the resources needed for efficient and seamless trading. Our platform is your ultimate destination for robust liquidity solutions, designed to enhance your trading experience and optimize performance.

For Tokenized Projects

Tokenized companies benefit from our advanced market-making and liquidity services. We enhance token performance, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success.

For Crypto

Crypto exchanges thrive with our superior market-making and liquidity solutions. We optimize trading efficiency, enhance liquidity, and support sustainable growth.

Experience the Future of Market Making

Test our solutions and see firsthand how Atomic Fund can optimize your trading strategies.