Full Suite Trading Technology

Helping tokenized companies improve their liquidity with proprietary cutting-edge technology. Systems follow strict protocols to ensure a secure environment. Constant research to innovate security constantly.

Trading Workflow

Quantitative system intelligence employs machine learning along the entire trading lifecycle: analysis of market data, deployment of appropriate trading strategies, minimisations of trading costs and execution of trades.


Milisecond streaming of market data supports incoming message variability, feeding our database normalized data allowing quick log monitoring and data visualization to support client trading flow.


Years of experience have taught us the dark arts of crypto exchange integration. Despite wildly different market data taxonomies across venues, atomic leverages low latency connections with all of them, enabling better risk management.


Analytics include all normalized pre and post trade data. The result is a more precise prediction which helps minimize the risk associated with making financial trading decisions.

Designed Execution

Customized solutions designed to mirror individual pricing preferences. Wide variety of trading strategies across multiple protocols and instruments. Traders work in small teams that can handle any type of client request.


Real time reporting for client regulatory needs. Accurately track your crypto transactions in a scalable way, using a system deliberately built for decentralized finance.