Global footprint &
deep market expertise

Atomic provides a robust product suite including offerings in execution, crypto market making,
analytics and crypto trading workflow technology.

350+ Trusted Companies

Mastering Liquidity
Building Trust
Fueling Innovation

Forging a path to a prosperous and decentralized future, we master liquidity, ignite innovation, and cultivate enduring trust.

Liquidity Mastery

Our innovative strategies, expert minds, and advanced models surpass longtime market leaders, capturing and overtaking market share positions.

Enduring Trust

At Atomic Fund, we build enduring trust by connecting partners to create a thriving market. Together, we drive the decentralization era forward with collaboration and innovation.

Fueling Innovation

Our expert growth strategies help companies achieve their desired token prices. We optimize liquidity and competitive pricing to elevate your token's market position.

Crypto Market Making and Liquidity Services

Experience top-tier crypto market making and liquidity services
designed to improve your trading success.

Crypto Exchanges &
Tokenized Companies

We empower crypto exchanges and tokenized companies with unparalleled market-making solutions and liquidity services. Our expertise drives market efficiency, enhances token performance, and fosters long-term growth.

Advisory &
Liquidity Provision

By maintaining robust market liquidity, we enhance your trading experience and optimize performance.

Founders located in financial epicenter of Latin America

From Brazil to the World as a leading crypto market maker in Latin America, Atomic is connected to leading exchanges in the region. Worldwide, we trade over 200 pairs, on more than 60 exchanges, on every continent.