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Atomic Fund provides crypto market making and liquidity services to leading cryptocurrency projects worldwide. Our robust trading infrastructure allows us to reliably ensure tight spreads and accommodate large trades across any market condition.

As a leading crypto market maker in Latin America, Atomic generates deep liquidity that helps to create more efficient markets around the world. We combine our market structure expertise and execution technology to provide competitive bids and offers in over 350 pairs, at over 50 venues, in 12 countries worldwide.

How It Works


Proprietary trading infrastructure that covers the entire trading workflow. Superior integrations and solutions to manage all trading operations and meet reporting needs as well as regulatory requirements. Fully customizable and designed specifically for the digital asset market.

Our offering is fully customizable and designed specifically for the digital asset market.

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From Brazil to the World

As a leading crypto market maker in Latin America, Atomic is connected to leading exchanges in the region. Worldwide, we trade over 350 pairs, on more than 50 exchanges, on every continent.

Crypto Market Making and Liquidity Services

Increase order book depth and market liquidity. Mitigate volatility and help accommodate large investors with lower slippage.

Programatic Execution

Customized access to crypto markets. Block size liquidity for individuals or institutions looking to buy or sell digital currency.

Exchange integration and infrastructure testing

Support leading exchanges in meeting their institutional infrastructure and liquidity needs.
We provide detailed analysis into API and connectivity performance.

Execution Workflow and Trading Analytics

High touch electronic execution dedicated to delivering unbiased, transparent and flexible solutions. Algorithmic strategies and routing protocols with liquidity, analytics and workflow tools.

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We are focused on helping tokenized companies improve their liquidity with proprietary cutting-edge technology. Our systems follow strict protocols to ensure a secure environment. We work closely with our partners to innovate our security constantly.

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