Key features of our liquidity services include:

Market Making: We offer market making solutions to ensure competitive spreads, minimal slippage, and continuous liquidity provision.

Liquidity Aggregation: Our advanced liquidity aggregation technology connects your exchange to multiple liquidity providers, consolidating order books and increasing liquidity options.

Token Listing Support: We assist with the evaluation and integration of new token listings, providing liquidity solutions for newly listed assets.

Customized Liquidity Strategies: We work closely with you to develop tailored liquidity strategies that align with your exchange's unique requirements and target market.

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In addition to liquidity services:

We provide comprehensive technical support to ensure the smooth operation of your cryptocurrency exchange. Our technical support offerings include:

Exchange Infrastructure Setup: We assist in setting up and configuring the necessary infrastructure for your exchange, including servers, databases, and security measures.

API Integration: We help integrate various APIs, such as market data feeds, trading interfaces, and wallet systems, to enhance the functionality and user experience of your exchange.

Security Audits: Our team conducts thorough security audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement necessary measures to safeguard your exchange and users' funds.

Performance Optimization: We optimize the performance and scalability of your exchange to handle increased trading volumes and ensure a seamless trading experience for your users.

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Why Choose Atomic?

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our market making team utilizes sophisticated algorithms, automated trading systems, and real-time data analysis tools to provide precise and efficient trading execution. By monitoring market trends, analyzing trading patterns, and adapting swiftly to market changes, we ensure continuous liquidity and seamless order matching for tokenized companies. Our technology-driven approach aims to maximize trading opportunities and deliver superior execution quality.


Our team consists of experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry and exchange operations.

Customized Solutions for Crypto Exchanges:

We understand that each exchange has unique requirements, and we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.


We provide reliable and responsive support to ensure your exchange operates smoothly and efficiently.


Our solutions are designed to scale with your exchange's growth, accommodating increased trading volumes and evolving market demands.


We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your exchange's data and operations, implementing strict privacy measures.

List of exchanges we provide liquidity:

We specialize in providing liquidity services for exchange proprietary platforms, both through strategic partnerships and as a standalone service. Our expertise in optimizing market liquidity enables us to collaborate seamlessly with exchanges, offering them tailored liquidity solutions to enhance trading efficiency and depth. Furthermore, we extend our liquidity services as a standalone offering, catering to token projects and platforms seeking to bolster their liquidity profiles through our proven strategies and comprehensive support.

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We are focused on helping tokenized companies improve their liquidity with proprietary cutting-edge technology. Our systems follow strict protocols to ensure a secure environment. We work closely with our partners to innovate our security constantly.

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