How crypto market making works in Singapore

What is Market Making?

The market is essentially two sided. One is composed of market takers such as investors, day-traders and speculators – the side that takes liquidity from the market. This side is driven to making a profit by directionally betting on price action. Market takers consider two things very important: Liquidity (being able to execute their trades) and Immediacy (doing it as quickly as possible). Market makers are on the other side acting as an “invisible hand”. They are the ones stabilizing prices, by filling the order book on both sides and closing spreads.

What about the integration with the Exchange?

We are integrated in more than 50 exchanges globally. If we are not integrated in the Exchange you need us to work as designated market makers for your token we will be able to integrate there for you. Exchanges in Singapore are:








What about API Permissions?

Projects generate API keys on the account they want Atomic to manage and share it with us, so that we are able to operate algorithmically. Trading permissions only, no withdrawing or depositing allowed on Atomic's side, to preserve security for both ends.

API keys must be allowed with 'trading-only-permissions'.

Atomic Fund is not able to withdrawl clients funds.

How much capital should clients deploy on their accounts?

After some previous discussions about clients inventory, investors positions and free float, we advise about ideal funding size to be able to provide liquidity and maintain healthy orderbooks. There's no magic formula and it does vary a lot - we have worked with projects with few thousand dollars of funding to projects with millions on the managed accounts.

By analyzing some metrics such as free float, marketcap, expected daily volume, traction of the project depending on the client's company stage, we can come to a range. We help clients to manage their inventory and balance between their token and paired currency we would be operating against.

How do you work in the listing day?

Previously to the listing day, we make sure everything is in place. If the token is already listed on the exchange we are able to take from there and dynamically start populating orderbooks.

Afterwards, we schedule a time of the day to start operating by placing buy and sell orders, to increase liquidity and reduce volatility and spreads, aiming for a healthier and moore attractive order book. During this process we will be connected with the client's team to align all steps.

Why is important to design strategies with our clients?

We help our clients to design the best strategy that suits their project and stage. With that we are able to help them preserve inventory when needed and minimize exposure when markets react irracionally.

How does our report system work?

Since we operate in a high-frequency environment, data from trading is collected by milisecond and we are able to provide trading information for our clients. Our support is constant and we consider advising not only about client's tokens perspective but also from the financial market and trends.

How crypto market making technology works

How does our technology work?

Our technology is proprietary and systems are built to scale to suit client's needs. We are able to support clients in many exchanges with any number of pairs. Our technology is built to work in the crypto environment which is different from traditional markets as crypto markets operate 24/7.

What does it mean to have an end-to-end solution?

Our solutions goes from integration with exchanges, to trading, to monitoring every aspect of the trading, too providing clients insights about their order books, to controlling inventory and supporting with metrics to the client so they can be aware of their treasury in real-time if needed.

What type of SLA does Atomic provide?

Our systems run 24/7 and with have control and alerts if there is any problem with our servers. Our SLA is 99% which means we are operating full time and systems are programmed for high availability and a very low failure rate.

How secure is Atomic's technology?

Our systems are encrypted and professionals controlling them have limited control of our infrastructure. All information that is collected is secured and channels of communication are designed to follow best practices and standards of the financial industry.

How much does it cost to use a crypto market maker in Singapore

How much does it cost?

Usually people see market making as an expensive service. However, our pricing is highly competitive. It is tailor-made depending on project's size, number of pairs, exchanges and support, but it is always way below industry standard for a top-of-class service. Get in contact to get more information regarding pricing.

How can we pay Atomic?

Clients are able to pay using fiat currency or crypto on multiple networks.

Does Atomic invest in clients' tokens?

Sometimes we invest in Tokens with our own capital. But usually the markett making services are provided using the client's own inventory.

Does Atomic offer a trial period?

Yes! We offer trial periods so that projects get to know how we work and the quality of our services. We are able to do this because we're confident in our work and know that after the trial, majority of projects go ahead to engage on a longer contract with Atomic

I want to change for Atomic as my designated market maker, how can I do that?

It is super simple actually and we receive this demand a lot. After previous market maker shuts off their systems, we plug ours. Before we start, it's good to have s few quick meeetings to understand more deeply about the project and design the best strategy.

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